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Welcome! Are you ready to flow?

Arrive at least 15 minutes before class begins so you can settle down.
You may enter the room 10 minutes prior class start. We will start on time however we have a 3-minute grace period but we highly encourage you to come on time.
You will be able to reserve a mat online. Kindly respect the space and take your reserved mat only.
Hydrate before class. Please bring your water bottles to class.
Wear light and breathable clothes. Anything that you're comfortable moving in. We will be stretching and flowing so please expect to sweat a lot. Come prepared with your own face towel.
If you have an injury or any medical concerns, best to talk to the teacher prior to class or tell our studio manager so we can properly guide you before class.
It's okay to take a break. If you feel light headed or feel like you need to rest for a few minutes, feel free to sit down or lie down on your mat. If you need to leave the room, quietly do so through the exit door.
Keep you voice down once you've entered the room.
Take time to rest in your final savasana. If you need to leave earlier, quietly step out throught the exit door. Preferably reserving the mat closest to the door to avoid distracting the other students.
Listen to your body, move with confidence and breathe. Enjoy your experience and let us know if your have any questions.